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  • Assertions minus evidence equals bias

    I seem to have attracted the scorn of never-allow-trans-kids-to-transition crowd again, including that obsessive sandwich board guy who has taken a keen interest in things that to my knowledge don’t impact him at all. The conversation about medical transition of children and young adults is fascinating to me. Many of us worked hard to protect […]

  • Is Canada Contributing To The UK Anti-Trans Violence?

    Is Canada’s unregulated online hate propaganda targeting transgender people contributing to the 81% rise in crimes targeting transgender people in the UK? Equal rights charity Stonewall estimated that two in five trans people had experienced a hate crime or incident in the past year.

  • There’s always a second chance for reformed anti-trans activists

    There’s always a second chance for reformed anti-trans activists

    This is a message to the social conservative fringe of Canada. We all have the same rights, the same hopes, and the same fears. We are, in facts so much alike.

  • Creatures From The Extreme-Right Lagoon

    Creatures From The Extreme-Right Lagoon

    New-christian-white-supremacist-entity-on-the-block Resurrection Europa has Very Deep Concerns Indeed about anyone who they do not recognize as cisgender, heterosexual, Caucasian, and Christian.

  • Dear Daphna,

    Dear Daphna,

    All that TERF rhetoric makes you think about how almost all crimes are committed by cisgender people. [a mediocre parody of hatred]