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  • Vancouver-Centre Public School Mess Highlights Years of Ignoring Residents

    The inaction of elected officials such as Liberals Hedy Fry and Sam Sullivan is responsible for the pain Yaletown or Olympic Village parents will feel every day taking their kids to Coal Harbour accross the downtown core.

  • Stop making it worse for homeless students

    This October 19, 2018 article is a reprint from an entry I wrote as part of my 2018 Vancouver School Board campaign, in which I received 27,900 votes Stigmatized youth, in particular LGBTQ2+ and indigenous youth, are over-represented in the 2018 Metro Vancouver Youth Homeless Count, published earlier this month. It represents a comprehensive snapshot […]

  • “Each For All” with Rubin Puga

    Morgane speaks about her campaign on “Each For All” with Rubin Puga [Note: This is a re-post of an update from my 2018 Vancouver School Trustee campaign] Too many parents are telling me their child is not getting the education they deserve. You expect more, and I’m here to help. Listen to this segment of […]

  • Teach hatred a lesson in irony…

    A man has been wandering the streets of Vancouver since 6 October distributing flyers. There’s no place for what he is writing and no excuse for him to be putting such homophobic and transphobic rants to paper and imposing them on innocent victims. First, I’d like to start by taking a moment to thank everybody […]

  • Morgane Oger running for Vancouver Board of Education Trustee

    For immediate release September 14th, 2018 Morgane Oger running for Vancouver Board of Education Trustee Education and human rights advocate Morgane Oger submitted her Nomination papers for Trustee in the 2018 Vancouver School Board election. “Vancouver parents have been asking me to step forward as an independent candidate in this election for some time,” […]