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  • Why I Celebrate Labour Day

    Canada’s labour movement trains up future activists to continue the hard work that their elders have started to make Canada more just for us all. Labour has consistently shown up at our side in the advocacy work we’ve done. They can be counted on to stand up for individual workers and the oppressed in the face of unfairness. Each win they help bring ensures all our children, their children have better lives. On Labour Day, I celebrate this.

  • Temporary Shelter in Parks – Parks Board speaking notes

    Without safe, governed spaces with basic services in which campers can stay for extended periods of time, without ensuring the safety of everyone in or near our parks, and without addressing dangerous behaviour, theĀ  proposed Vancouver Parks Board bylaws intended to govern temporary shelters offers little that is new that we can believe Parks Board staff are in a position to enforce and imposes undue hardship on those whose conduct they are being deployed to address.

  • Six COVID-Related Questions to VSB

    The Vancouver Board of Education closed down in-classroom instruction when the BC Government shut down all schools March 17, 2020. So far, no date has yet been announced for re-opening classrooms. It’s a good time to start talking about what public education will look like after the pandemic has passed. According to UNESCO monitoring, about […]

  • Vancouver Leads The Way: Public Funds Should Never Teach and Reinforce Transphobia.

    I am mindful Vancouver City Council members must be facing quite a bit of push-back from Vancouver Rape Relief (VRR) and their supporters as a result of today’s finance committee vote on the staff recommendation to cancel funding of their outreach and education program. On February 26, the City of Vancouver’s Standing Committee on City […]

  • I have a Question For Justin Trudeau About the Blood Ban

    The federal ban barring monogamous gay men and transgender women from giving desperately-needed blood when others engaged in the same activities freely donate blood is a galling example of what could have been, but for Justin Trudeau and Hedy Fry’s lacking the will to do the right thing.

  • Well done: Vancouver Pride took a stand UBC and Vancouver Library leaders should have months ago.

    Vancouver Pride Society is doing excellent work keeping institutions accountable for discrimination they enable.

  • Vancouver-Centre Public School Mess Highlights Years of Ignoring Residents

    The inaction of elected officials such as Liberals Hedy Fry and Sam Sullivan is responsible for the pain Yaletown or Olympic Village parents will feel every day taking their kids to Coal Harbour accross the downtown core.

  • Parents Letter: “Anti-SOGI Disinformation Incites Hatred Against Our Kids”

    Parents Letter: “Anti-SOGI Disinformation Incites Hatred Against Our Kids”

    Parents: “Jenn Smith has taken it upon himself…to organize public speaking events, where he goes from one community to the next, sharing his presentation to the public. The content of his presentation is misinformation, debunked pseudo-science, conspiracy theories, and a few of his own personal life experiences. Those of us who have LGBTQ2+ children and families consider his presentation dangerous because it incites hate, targeted at our kids and our families.”

  • Stop making it worse for homeless students

    This October 19, 2018 article is a reprint from an entry I wrote as part of my 2018 Vancouver School Board campaign, in which I received 27,900 votes Stigmatized youth, in particular LGBTQ2+ and indigenous youth, are over-represented in the 2018 Metro Vancouver Youth Homeless Count, published earlier this month. It represents a comprehensive snapshot […]