I agree with Kari Simpson

I agree, Kari Simpson needs reasonable access to single-occupancy washrooms if she is unable to share the women’s restrooms with women.

Despite her debilitating “condition”, Ms. Simpson still needs to pee.

Unfortunately, our nation’s building codes could have done a better job accommodating Ms. Simpson’s needs by mandating single-stall universal washroom spaces in all buildings. Given her unique organizing acumen, I encourage Kari Simpson to advocate vigorously for universal single-stall washrooms to help meets the needs of all Canadians who like her are unable to use single-gender multi-stall washroom spaces.

Poor Ms. Simpson deserves our sympathy and support on this one (and only) issue as she navigates a society no longer designed exactly as she wishes it was. We can’t all adapt to the 21st century.

Kari Simpson doesn’t think she can use the same bathroom as a woman she’s been bullying for two years.

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